Where am I now?

Keeping a regular journal just to show progress. Not that two days is regular--two days since last year is downright sporadic. We'll see.

Nearly through life in a Medieval City. I got a lot of great info regarding house structures, markets, careers, technologies, etc. And all of it is very heavily influenced by the church and involves ...

wow. I completely spaced this and went to bed.

and I really need to shut up about this, stop thinking about this, and get work done.

not an auspicious start.


as mentioned elsewhere ... nano failure.

What we have here... is a failure to participate. I toyed with the idea, and convinced myself (deluded myself) that there was a slight sliver of possibility that I would take up pen, and write.

Such was not really the case. I have eight books bought (used) to help me better understand feudal england, where my novel is somewhat generically set. I have major changes in mind to the landscape, but I was lost in the woods--reading about how things were is giving me many ideas for what I can do.

* Life in Medieval Times [Paperback] by Rowling, Marjorie
* Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel: Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages...
* Life in a Medieval Village
* Medieval Technology and Social Change [Paperback] by White, Lynn
* Life in a Medieval City [Paperback] by Joseph Gies; Frances Gies
* Life in a Medieval Castle [Paperback] by Gies, Joseph; Gies, Frances
* Castles: Their Construction and History (Dover Books on Architecture...
* Approaches to Planning: Introducing Current Planning Theories, Concepts and Issues

I appear to be missing that last one, still. Hopefully it shows soon because I just (accidentally? ish?) gave full marks on amazon to the seller and said it arrived. ;)

I've read "Life in a Medieval Castle" now, and have started on "Life in a Medieval City" (I started with Life in a Medieval Village, but it seems less what I was looking for for the main course).

Of course, how life turned out for Medieval England is not how life turned out in my world... what with the dragons and various (non-christian) church magics and whatnot. Different belief structures, different world structures, very, VERY different history.

But seeing how things formed, changed, etc, and the reasonings behind it all--is giving me wonderful insights and ideas.

I'm thinking overall my folks won't have had much cause to build castles and city walls and all that. There will be growing intra-human strife, betrayals, that sort of thing. There will be villages outside the main cities that are embracing the "old" ways, "old" magics.

It's getting to a point where I might be able to draw a few maps and stick with them, vague as they may be. Really need to figure out the whole "slavery" thing, still--LIAMC talked about what that meant, various levels of it, and such, but didn't get into how people _got_ that way. And while I read a few other things that gave some insight into it, I'm far from grokking.

Also still need to work on exactly how my england has been kept separate from the other lands ... or perhaps (and more likely) it hasn't ... but my england is the source of all mankind, so people may have ventured away, but there aren't hordes of others coming in to sack and pillage. Maybe occasionally. But not huge empires. Hell, the dragons may well have seen to that, pruning outliers... Though the dragons are on the decline.

And I've been reminded of "the little ice age" which could help all of this, putting things in crux/flux.

I'm thinking I may need to invent some other monsters, but it's possible the only difference there is real magic and dragons... and the monsters intrinsic to that magic (Muahahah?)

Hope there aren't any spoilers here. ;)

upped the stakes :)

Didn't get too much done this week (maybe an hour, maybe an hour and a half), but I eased into the beginning and cleaned up last week's thoughts. Upped the stakes and made things more conflict-driven (and made more things to conflict over), and hopefully made everything just a little ... darker. Now I'm sort of back to where I was originally stumped (Uh, okay, now have the king wander around until... something...), but I have enough background that I _must_ be able to come up with something.

hokay, I've got to do this weekly, at least.

Spent several hours today integrating old rambles/rants with the current storyline. I've got a bit more to do before the story "opens", but really ... really, I've got to do this more, and more often.

The writing/synopsizing towards the end of what I've got now is starting to get sloppier because of the integration, and because I'm not thinking too coherently/eloquently. I'm really hungry. Waiting for Amy to finish what she's doing so we can have dinner.

Still feeling good about the new direction the cosmology has taken, but noticed a few things that were no longer relevant, going through old notes, that I will miss. Maybe I can use them in something else. But... bah... there's plenty of ideas, and plenty of other novels started still waiting to be written.

I can do this, dammit!

progress? omfg. you thought this was dead.

Dead for nanowrimo, sure. But ... progress. I've gone back to the pre-history of my world, and have a timeline from then until "recent history" that I think gives me a much better context to wrap my plot in. The plot changes, but... I think the world is both more real and more plausible (once you start the basic genre suspension of disbelief). WHOO!

day 3

I picked a scene and ran with it. 57 words. I'm exhausted. No idea where the scene is really going, though I know where I intend it to. Going to make up a bunch of new characters. We'll see when I get there. I'm... eh. exhausted. Yeah. This was not a full hour spent. But I pulled teeth and made words.

I should focus more on description. Description doesn't have to move the plot forward. ;)

And dialogue does. Why?

my day 2, which was yesterday, really.

My laptop crashed, a while back, and it seems all my original files-in-progress went with it.

So I spent my hour last night hunting through things, and putting the story back together.

And thought about stuff a little more.

I think I'm not going to rewrite, not going to look at what I've got too much, and just jump ahead to a 'plausible' scene. Work from there, quit worrying about the stuff that gets me there. That way I can put off chopping what I've already written, which will be easier when I have more written. ;) Ah, the little lies we tell ourselves...

So it's starting again...

Or so I'd like to believe. A friend popped up out of the blue and challenged/offered a "you write, and I'll write, and we'll both get things done" sort of support system. So I've been making a more concerted effort to brainstorm this shizzle.

I've got a king that wakes up after being :gasp: what, poisoned? Left for dead and entombed for 8 years. His advisor, the sun witch, finally uncovered the fact that he was not dead, unwove the unknown spells that bound him. I think _this_ needs a lot more thought. How'd she pull it off? What research? Forbidden lore? A prophecy?

Old king's reintroduced to the family, left to acclimate to the "new world", a darker, faster place than he left it, with a new form of magic-for-the-people. ((and I remember thinking my accidental introduction of magic-for-the-people was a hokey thing))

With the old king left on the sidelines, with his advisor, what does he do to figure out this new world, figure out what sent him to the deathsleep?

There are people to be questioned! Though advisor has done much of this over time, surreptitiously, because she had the time, the worry, and nothing else to do. Seems like an infodump praying to happen.

Then, maybe, time just passes, and nothing happens.

The old king is sent somewhere as a functionary. Maybe there's a minor revolt. There's lots of those, really.

Hell, maybe he's captured. That makes life easier, doesn't it? That makes life so much easier!

Can I do it?

Chapter 3 continued, and possibly others

Collapse )

It's a long one. We made finished the tour, and made it to dinner. The dragon rampage is accounted (briefly, but a bit more at least is told). Nearly 4000 words in the above cut--I broke 10,000 total!

And made a nifty graph I need to figure out the best way to export, with OpenOffice. If you made a chart in excel, how would you export it to an image?